Where do I pay a forfeiture?
  • You may pay by mail with a personal check or money order.
  • You may pay in person at the North Shore Municipal Court, 5909 N. Milwaukee River Parkway, Glendale, WI 53209; acceptable forms of payment in person are: cash, personal check, or money order.
  • You may pay online:

           Citations issued by the Glendale Police Department, and citations issued AFTER March 25, 2020, by the Bayside Police Department, may be paid using the following link: 


You will be assessed a fee to use debit or credit. Debit and credit card payments are accepted ONLINE ONLY. The full citation number is required to make your payment.
NOTE: Juvenile citations are not payable with debit or credit.
Payments for parking citations may only be paid using these payment links if you contested the parking citation and discussed the parking citation with the prosecuting attorney.

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