Temporary Signs

Permits for temporary signs shall be issued by the Community Development Planner only when the sign is specifically allowed by this Chapter (15.6.11 Temporary Sign Code).

    • A temporary sign permit shall be issued only for the active use period of the sign.
    • Temporary signs shall be permitted in all zones unless otherwise specified.
    • Temporary signs shall not be illuminated.
    • No sign or part thereof shall be located or project closer than ten (10) feet from the established street right-of-way line.
    • Any temporary sign erected without a permit may be removed by the Community Development Planner.
      • The notice period for temporary signs shall be twelve (12) hours
  • Download the Sign Permit Application here: Sign Permit Application

Temporary Sign Types 

  • Banners - Any sign intended to be hung either with or without frames, possessing characters, letters, illustrations, or ornamentation's applied to paper, plastic, or fabric of any kind.
    • Banners may not exceed thirty (30) square feet in area.
    • Banners are subject to all of the rules and regulations for signs.
    • Permits for banners shall expire after fifteen (15) days.
    • The same banner sign may be erected on two (2) separate, but non-continuous, occasions in one calendar year.
  • Construction Signs - Temporary construction signs used to guide patrons to a commercial establishment during periods of road or building construction.
    • Construction signs are allowed upon approval by the Community Development Planner.
    • All approved signs may be erected without permits, but must be removed immediately upon completion of the project or by direction of the Community Development Planner.
  • Contractor or Subcontractor Signs - Any sign giving the name or names of principal contractors, architects, and lending institutions responsible for construction on the site where the sign is placed, together with other information included thereon.
  • Development Signs; Residential and Non-Residential - Development signs are used to identify future development or a development under construction.
  • Grand-Opening Signs - A sign which calls attention to a new business or the announcement of a change in ownership.
  • Political Signs 
  • Sale, Lease, and Rent Signs
  • Seasonal Signs - A sign used to identify seasonal commercial establishments, including but not limited to garden centers, Christmas tree lots and fruit and vegetable stands.
  • Temporary Identification Signs - A sign, temporary in nature, that is used to identify a commercial establishment for a limited period of time.