Community Development Department

Duties & Responsibilities

The Community Development Department is committed to maintaining and improving the City of Glendale as an inviting and attractive environment to live, work, conduct business, shop, and recreate. 

How do my plans get placed on a Plan Commission agenda?

The City of Glendale realizes the importance of development.  The following is a draft timeline for Plan Commission submittals.

  1. Initial submittal – reviewed by Community Development, Fire Department, Inspection, Engineering, Public Works and Administration.  This review may take up to 45 days.
  1. Meeting with Developer – After staff has submitted comments regarding the proposal, a meeting will be set-up with the Director of Community Development and City Administrator.
  1. Final submittal – Any changes requested by staff should be submitted.

Once final submittal is received, the plans will be placed on the next available Plan Commission agenda.