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Assessment Department

A major function of the Assessor's Office is to discover, list, and value uniformly all taxable property in the City. This work is done to ensure the equitable distribution of the total tax burden within the community. It does not determine the total amount of revenues to be raised. The tax levy is established independently by the state, county, municipality, school districts, and sewer district, to cover their expenses. The total tax levy is then divided among all owners in proportion to the amount of property they own. An assessment will affect your property's share of the levy, but it will not change the total amount of dollars collected. Your municipality is required by law to collect that total amount of tax dollars -- no more, no less.

The Wisconsin Department of Revenue has prepared a helpful Guide for Property Owners that provides more information about property assessment and taxation in Wisconsin.


  • Note: The most current owner information can be found on the 2015 tab.
  • Real estate searches by tax key number require a full 10 digits, so enter trailing zeros when necessary.
  • Hint: To avoid problems with exactly matching field data, enter less information to broaden your search results.
    For example, just enter the address number to view all parcels with that number, or just enter the street
    name to view all parcels with that street name.

  • Contact Milwaukee County Treasurer for the status of prior years taxes, or for delinquent taxes after July 31st.

PROPERTY ASSESSMENT INFORMATION (Assessor Website: Accurate Appraisal, L.L.C.)

ZONING INFORMATION (City of Glendale Community Development Dept.)

RECENT SALES INFORMATION (Wis. Dept. of Revenue Integrated Property Assessment System)

If you have further questions about property assessment and taxation, the first person to contact is your local assessor. THE CITY OF GLENDALE HAS CONTRACTED WITH ACCURATE APPRAISAL, L.L.C. FOR ALL OF OUR ASSESSMENT SERVICES.

Return your Statement of Personal Property Form to:

Accurate Appraisal, L.L.C.
P.O. Box 415
Menasha, WI 54952-0415

or Email to: (We recommend that you use your e-mail's tracking function to request a read receipt as confirmation of timely filing.)

Lee DeGroot, Assessor
Accurate Appraisal, L.L.C.
(800) 770-3927

Linda DiFrances
City Treasurer
(414) 228-1701