If you plead "guilty" or "no contest," or are found to be "guilty" by the court after a trial, a monetary penalty called "forfeiture" will be assessed against you. Your forfeiture must be paid to the Municipal Court directly, either in person or by mail. If you fail to pay your forfeiture in person or by mail. If you fail to pay your forfeiture in full by the due date, or miss any installment payment, the Court will order an alternative sentence. Generally, if you violated a traffic statute your driver's license will be suspended or revoked, and if you violated an ordinance of the OWI/BAC statute the Court will order you to spend time in jail as an alternative to paying your forfeiture. Any amount of time spent in jail in lieu of the forfeiture, will be billed to you by the City at the current cost of incarceration and costs. Any unpaid forfeitures may  be certified the Department of Revenue Tax Intercept Program, turned over to a collection agency and/or reported to a credit bureau.

  1. If the Judge imposes a forfeiture you may pay immediately either by cash, money order, check, credit card or online.
  2. If you have some money, bot not enough to pay the full forfeiture, ask the Judge to accept immediate partial payment and request another due date to pay the balance. These requests for more time to pay are not automatically granted, but are decided individually. Your appearance is required for all extension requests.
  3. If you are unable to pay any of the forfeiture before the due date, you must return to court on the "Indigency Hearing Date" shown on the payment reminder slip the Judge of City Attorney will give you.
You may show proof of poverty at the Indigency hearing.  Bring this completed form to your hearing, for consideration of alternative sentencing. You may request to perform community service work.