Forms & Applications

Fence Permit Submission Checklist
Prior to the erection or placement of a fence, wall or windbreak in excess of three and one-half (3-1/2) feet, the responsible party shall make application to the Community Development Planner for a permit, furnishing all necessary information, and shall not begin construction of any fence, wall or windbreak until a permit has been issued by the Community Development Planner.

Shed Permit Application
No owner shall, within the City of Glendale, build, construct, use or place any type of an accessory building or structure, including prefabricated accessory buildings and decks, until a building permit shall have first been obtained.

Architectural Review Board Application
The purpose of the Architectural Review Board is to review additions and modifications of existing homes as well as new residential construction to ensure that it fits in with the existing house along with the surrounding neighborhood and the proposal meet all zoning requirements.

Sign Permit Application
A sign permit shall be required before the erection, re-erection, construction, alteration, repairs, replacement, maintaining or locating of all signs regulated by the Sign Code [Chapter 15.6].