2018 Election Dates

Date Election In-Person Absentee Period
November 6 Fall General Election October 22 - November 2

Sample Ballots

To view a sample ballot for the next election, please visit the Wisconsin Voter Information website.

Determining Polling Locations

Please visit this website to find your polling location. Enter your house number, street name, and city into the website. You may also use the map provided below.

Current Locations

District Polling Location
Aldermanic District 1
North Shore Library
6800 N Port Washington Road
Aldermanic District 2
Parkway School
5910 N Milwaukee River Parkway
Aldermanic District 3
Nicolet High School
6701 N Jean Nicolet Road
Aldermanic District 4
Good Hope School
2315 W Good Hope Road
Aldermanic District 5
Glen Hills Middle School
2600 W Mill Road
Aldermanic District 6
Richard E. Maslowski Community Room
2200 W Bender Road